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Why are my ads or photos on your website? I didn't post here!?

The text and images are used in accordance with copyright & fair-use laws. These removal options are provided as a free service by, we reserve the right to deny any request (without notice) that we deem malicious, inappropriate or where the content is being used in accordance with fair use laws. takes all removal requests seriously, please ensure that you fill out the form accurately. NOTE: If Ad/Content has been posted on any other site without an explicit copyright notice, US and International Law deems such content as Public Domain and is covered under fair use laws. Such content will not be removed as the site is also a Search Engine for archived data from public accessible data. Please be kind in your reply We do not appreciate threats and as we are not US based, your options are limited by Ukraine Law so your local LEO has no authority other than to kindly request we honor your request. We do honor most takedown requests so being rude will only result in deletion of your request.